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Cheonha total co.,ltd

( Model Number : kogori-1 )
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* Feature 1. Kogori had been developed as a device which generated far-infrared and anion 2. Kogori made of blended material of silicon, germanium and monazite 3. Kogori developed first in the world, promotes metabolism for human health This products are passed safety test from laboratory home and abroad by various experiments since developed 1998. It was registrated the Kogori with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which Regulation Number; 874.5220 We got the best prize, given to one of 100 companies from ‘the Patent Bureau’ and ‘Small and Medium Business Administration’ in 2004. It was recognized by Korean Standards Association for the authorized excellence enterprise in 2005. Kogori has been well accepted in the markets of U.S.A,, Japan, China, Germany, etc. * Function 1. Radiation 91% far - infrared ray and anion (1,500 ion/cc). 2. Prevention from Respiratory organ diseases and effective to nasal by purifying and moisture controling of air inhaled from noses 3. Effectiveness of sterilization of 97.6 % colitis bacterium and 99.8% bacteria have been confirmed through the test conducted 4. Effectiveness of antibiotic and sterilization of the air for respiratory organ disease have been proved, and improving memory and suppressing snore have been proved through clinic test 5. Prevention and treatment of cold ,nasal and catarrh, specially prevention of Sars by moisture control of air inhaled through nose * Apply 1. Put on Kogori for longer than 30minutes when it has symptom of respiratory ailments and influenza 2. Put on Kogori all the time where it is influenza, Sars and the change of season (the area which change of temperature and humidity is always sensitive to respiratory ailments) 3. Put on Kogori until the health is getting better and recovered well, if you get a nasal, catarrh and empyema * Color: Ivory * Size: Kogori's size: 20mm(W), 18mm(L) Packaged size: 1ea 75mm(W), 20mm(L), 125mm(H) set 75mm(W), 20mm(L), 162mm(H) * Registration of patent : No. 0269734 * Registration of trademark : No.0441504 * Certification of ISO 9001 * Manufacturer : Cheon Ha Total Co.,Ltd * The place of origin : South Korea Http:// TEL:02-2607-7888. FAX:02-2607-7889. Cheon ha Total Co.,Ltd

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(우:157-016) 한국
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cheonha total co.,ltd E-mail: Tel : 82-22607-7888 Fax : 82-22607-7889